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Wireless ISP Solutions

Wireless Internet Service Business

TechSavvy Wireless Offers Exclusive Wireless ISP setup. for those who do not have access to broadband internet in a certain location. due to infrastructure reasons of Land Line, Cable, DSL problems in Pakistan.

We Offer high quality, Robust, stable Wireless Units that can work 24×7 wit no down time. Our outdoor units, each has the capacity to handle different levels of concurrent users . We Offer clients management software that allows your to control bandwidth of the individual clients by IP address or Mac address. Our System has full proof security to avoid unauthorized access to your network.

Our Solution has different Client premises equipment that is cheap & will allow you to get quick ROI from your Business. Our Equipment has different access ranges from 500 meters to 5 km uptill 20km. 

Our Solution is easy, quickly sets up and is peace of mind.  its a Turn Key Solution, all you need is to set it up and start ur business in two days.

Our Solution is Powered By WiseNetwork, UBNT & Mikrotek, World Leading Wireless Manufacturer

 Wireless Internet Provider

Pakistan Wireless ISP solutions, cheap Wireless ISP solutions

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29 thoughts on “Wireless ISP Solutions

  1. I want to start wireless ISP solution in my city Bahawalpur i need to know some points.

    1)How much cost will be required if i make a setup for 40 to 50 user’s.
    2)How much bandwidth i have required.
    3)Which device(Name) i have to use for receiving bandwidth from ISP & what is the cost for it.
    4)which device (device Name)i use at client end to give internet to client(All client s are within the range of 1 KM) & what is the cost for the device.
    5)Which server or device i have to use for bandwidth management & what is the cost for the device.
    6)Most important i want to give clients wifi solution for this which device i have to use to that i can give client wifi solution and it receive signel from base station also.

  2. Dear Faisal

    i m interested in WISP setup in Peshawar, i have minimum user 1000 and the coverage area will be 5 KM , please let me know the total cost and detail , will be better to send me QUOTATION on my email address.

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