Say hello (or olá or halo or salam) to automatic message translation in Gmail

Gmail is constantly improving, With all new looks now you can get email automatically translated if sent in other languages.

Automatic Message Translation
Did you ever dream about a future where your communications device could transcend language with ease? Well, that day is a lot closer.  Gmail is to translate everything into your native languages, thus saving countless explanatory phone calls. Since message translation was one of the most popular labs, Gmail will be getting the convenience of translation added to their email. The next time you receive a message in a language other than your own, just click onTranslate message in the header at the top of the message,

and it will be instantly translated into your language:

If you’re bi-lingual and don’t need translation for that language, just click on Turn off for: [language]. Or if you’d like to automatically have messages in that language translated into your language, click Always Translate. If you accidentally turned off the message translation feature for a particular language, or don’t see the Translate messageheader on a message, click on the down arrow next to Reply at the top-right of the message pane and select theTranslate message option in the drop-down.

Title Tweaks
With the graduation of Title Tweaks, Google has changed the text in the browser tab so that you can more easily see if you have new messages. The tab now reads “Inbox (20) – – Gmail” instead of “Gmail – Inbox (20) –”

Smart Mute
Improvements have been made to muting based on the graduation of the Smart Mute lab so you can be sure that noisy email threads stay out of your inbox.

In addition to graduating these three labs, Google also be retiring some less popular labs over the next few days: Old Snakey, Mail Goggles, Mouse Gestures, Hide Unread Counts, Move Icon Column, Inbox Preview, Custom Date Formats and SMS in Chat gadget. Please note that the SMS in Chat lab is not being retired, just the gadget associated with it.

Enjoy Gmailing :)

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Zahid Nawaz Zahid Nawaz is MIT, MCITP, MCTS, Working as Project Manager in DoIT, having more then 10 years of experience in Project Management, System Analysis and System & Network Administration